The Enforcer

My son loves to socialize with his friends after school while he is waiting to be picked up. Which makes it all the more touching to me that he left the realm of cool 5th graders yesterday to find his kindergarten sister. Without being asked. Just because he didn't want his sister to be alone... Continue Reading →

The Perfect First Date

My daughter's first date should be kind, smart, respectful, well-mannered and complimentary. Just like her dad. In fact, he'll be the most important date she ever has. My daughter gets her dad's undivided attention on their date. It gives her the opportunity to have conversations with her dad that she might not have in the... Continue Reading →

Skid Marks

I've done the first-day-of-school dropoff a few times now. And I've discovered that it brings a few lessons of its own. The first day of kindergarten never gets easier, no matter how many times I do it. In fact, it gets harder. Because as each child heads off to school for the first time, I... Continue Reading →

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