Cross-Threaded Dialogue

If I get this “about” page right, you’ll walk away knowing very little about me. You might know that I’m a  military wife, mom, substitute teacher, and editor. I spent four years as an Army journalist, and now I’m  a typist who likes to arrange words in a way that will encourage other people. (Why is simply saying “writer” so difficult?)

For me, blogging is about other people.

I have been blogging off and on for several years, but I was recently convicted by the fact that a post by my 16-year-old daughter (Reinforcing Racism?) drew more of an audience than I ever have. In retrospect, she was courageous where I played it safe. She was bold where I had been timid. She took a stand and let the chips fall where they may.

Starting today, I’m going to follow her lead. (I find that my children are often powerful teachers when I’m willing to allow for the possibility.) I’m going to stop being safe and start working to be heard: not because my story is special, but because our nation is in sore need of true dialogue.

You may notice, then, if you look through the older posts on this page, they’ll have a different feel. They were a challenge at the time that I wrote them, but I was at a very different place then. Beginning Feb. 3, 2015, my hope is that you’ll find an important conversation happening.

Realize, though, that a dialogue requires more than one person. My opinion isn’t the best. It’s never the only one. But if no one else gets involved here, nothing good will happen. Please take a moment to comment. And then share what you’ve seen, even when you disagree, because conversations should not be limited to those topics we can all agree on.

Life is an ongoing project. Things go wrong. Bolts get cross-threaded. It’s a series of changing circumstances, evolving crises and unexpected challenges. It’s unpredictable. Often inconvenient. And it won’t be ignored.

The name for this blog came to me one day as I was walking out to the shop to retrieve a tool. A tool needed to salvage a do-it-yourself-repair-gone-bad.

I was mumbling to myself about all the things that systematically go wrong when I set out to accomplish something. (Probably feeling a bit sorry for myself, if you really want to know the truth.)

Cross-Threaded seemed perfect. Because it’s what so often happens despite my best attempts.

And then, in the days that followed, as I was working on the nuts-and-bolts of the page, I realized that Cross-Threaded really was perfect. Because it’s also a subtle reminder to me of the Cross, and what it means in my life.

I have a lifetime full of evidence that God’s way is always better than mine. A journal full of reminders of the things God has done in my life. A dossier of all the times that He has repaired what I could not.

I also hope that you’ll visit often and encourage others to do the same. Sign up to receive emails when something new arrives (because someone here might need your encouragement.) If you see something here that will encourage someone else, please take a minute to share it. You have no idea when a shared link might be just the thing a struggling friend needs.

Thanks for spending your time here.

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