Skid Marks

I’ve done the first-day-of-school dropoff a few times now. And I’ve discovered that it brings a few lessons of its own.

  • The first day of kindergarten never gets easier, no matter how many times I do it. In fact, it gets harder. Because as each child heads off to school for the first time, I become painfully aware that they are growing up. I realized today there will be no more first-day-of-kindergarten. This is it.
  • The first day of 5th grade and 8th grade are just as tough. Each new school year brings us closer to the day when they will go off to college.
  • Kindergarteners don’t look nearly so big when they are sitting at their desks.
  • 8th graders shudder at the suggestion that you’ll walk them to class and take their picture in front of their door. They may even leave skid marks getting out of the car just to make sure you can’t follow. It’s great fun to hang out the window of the car shooting pictures of them as they retreat to class.
  • There’s a point at which it becomes embarrassing to take Kleenex and Germ-x to school. No idea why.
  • The first-day-of-school picture can be taken on the second day of school, and no one will be the wiser.
  • Teachers are amazing people. This is not a new realization, but each new school year reminds me of the work they do. As my daughter’s teacher dried her first-day-of-school tears, I realized that she will become a very important part of my daughter’s life. Teachers give so much, and the things they teach extend far beyond what is in the lesson plan.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to see that the elementary school allows parents to opt in or out of corporal punishment. The fact that it is still an option means our teachers still have some weapons in their arsenal.
  • “Free time” can be paralyzing, because I’m not sure what to do first. I have spent so much time thinking “someday, when I have some time to myself” that I’m drowning in the list of possibilities for the day.
  • It would be foolish to waste my time focusing on the fact that they’ll be gone someday. Instead, I’ll invest my energy in the days I have with them now, and thank God for the privilege of being their mom.
  • Friends who check on you on the first day of school are an indescribable blessing. Those who stop by your blog to assure you that you will survive are priceless as well. Thanks to you all.

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  1. HI My Friend very cute and so so true.I can see Carson with her determinated look and smile telling you everthing is going to be alright and again she is right.So chin up Momma you are a wonderful family and great parents and that is such a badge of Honor one that shines even brighter as they walk away and smile:)
    Love Ya!

    1. Thanks so much, girl. I figure you’re right: she’s probably weathering all this much better than I am… I’ll let you know how it goes. Miss you… ❤

  2. I have a pit in the bottom of my stomach just reading this. But I know that if you can make it through today I can make it through Aug 30th. Right?

    1. No doubt yours will be a star student this year. When I read Kristen’s post about teachers “giving them wings” it gave me a new perspective… And for the record, she had a great day and came home happy!

  3. ❤ I seriously thought about Grace 'only' having 5 more 1st days of school with me! Love your fam to bits! I hope it was another memory making day, and that their teachers give them wings!

    1. Thank you for reading… They all had a great day, and mine was productive as well. But I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that something was “off.” 🙂

  4. I texted you this morning to make sure you weren’t a puddle of goo, crying in your car on the side of the road after drop off. I’m glad you’ve got an outlet and I’ll bet you’re helping other moms, too. Sounds like B had a great day; I stand by my earlier assertion that K will be running that place by day 3. I hope R is adjusting to 5th grade – that was one of my favorite grades. Love to all of you guys! Miss you!

    1. I got your text… Thought I had responded. (If I had to guess, I’m gonna check my phone and find a message that I started typing and never sent…) Thanks for checking on me. I survived!!! 🙂

  5. Love your posts, feel your pain. (Can’t find the explanation mark on my new laptop.) Oh! There it is! Same place as always!! Thanks for sharing!

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