Your Life On An iPod

Your life has a soundtrack.

The songs on it tell your story: where you’ve been, where you’re going, and what matters to you. They would no doubt tell of lessons you learned and mistakes you made. Maybe even of hardships and celebrations.

If you could compile them all, it would be like having a comprehensive playlist of your life. An iPod with your story on it. From youth to today.

You’d add new songs to it daily. As you experience new things, and as you hear new songs, your playlist would grow. You’d probably find that your friends have some of the same songs on their playlists. Every song would have meaning and relevance to you. Some would be frivolous. Others more serious. Some will remind you of an exact moment in time.

Interesting food for thought, isn’t it? Gives us a chance to think about our lives and what’s important, and the events that have shaped us. And the ever-present role of music in our world.

Perhaps the playlist will anchor us on the days when life is hard. Lift our spirits when we’re down. Remind us of the high points we’ve enjoyed.

Give it some thought, and consider creating a “Soundtrack” playlist in iTunes. Spend some time reflecting on yourself and your life. What songs would you choose?

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