1870s Fashion

Cowboy boots are a game-changer.

If you don’t own cowboy boots, start shopping. If you own a different style of boots, you should still shop for cowboy boots. Perhaps you won’t buy them right away, but you’ll know what you want when it’s time.

If I could start a global movement, I’d take the message of cowboy boots across the world. May sound silly to you, but cowboy boots possess an attitude all their own, and they inspire confidence in the person wearing them. If you know someone who owns cowboy boots, just ask.

As a tomboy from Texas, I always loved boots. Somehow I felt a little rough-and-tumble while wearing them, like I was a little tougher when I had them on. Even the crepe-sole work boots got the job done, and I still own some of those. But my love now is the rocker-style cowboy boot, with the colorful inlays and eye-catching details. (Part of my collection graces the banner at the top of this blog.) They aren’t just footwear. They are a conversation piece.

When I wear them, I get compliments from unlikely places: flight attendants (because presumably they see just about everything during the course of their workday), wait staff (same deal), young and old. I wore them recently in the Atlanta airport and it turned into a game as the family counted the comments people made.

Best part about boots? You can wear them with anything. They are as interchangeable as flip-flops. Wear your boots with shorts, skirts, billowy dresses, jeans, and just about anything else you can think of. Don’t believe me? Check out Country Music Television from time to time. The other best part? They are flattering on everyone. Hate your toes? Doesn’t matter. Hate your calves? Boots can camouflage them. Wanna feel taller? Buy boots with a heel. Need to dress up but heels aren’t practical? Boots. Wear them all year long.

I can almost guarantee you will walk a little taller wearing a pair of cowboy boots. Whether they are high-end or second-hand, the only requirement is that you love them. Shop around until you find a pair you can get excited about, and then treat yourself to a pair. (See Death of a Martyr if you need convincing.)

Boots, for me, are like guns, handbags and guitars to other people: you can never have too many. If you need a hand knowing where to start, email me and I’ll share what I know. You don’t have to spend a lot. You can find them on clearance and in sample sales.

I hope my friends who have recently come to love boots will share their thoughts in the comment section. I have one pair that I have shared with at least five friends, and at least three of them went on to buy a pair of their own. They really are that powerful.

How can you argue against an icon that has survived since the 1870s?

9 thoughts on “1870s Fashion

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  1. Like yuor post and I have to agree. I once owned a pair of handmade just for me cowboy boots and I loved wearing them. I could shop all day, walk all day and never had any back pain. Wish I still had them. Have tried some Justin’s and Ropers but never could find a pair that really fit me well. All that you said is true. They do make you feel different and can be worn with anything.

  2. Great timing! I’m headed to Austin this wkend to see some friends and was commenting on how I NEEDED to check out the Gringo’s at Allen’s Boots! My husband, though, says I’m only allowed the ‘free smells’ 🙂

  3. Best part of cowboy boots: you can stick your head in the box months afterwards and still smell the leather:)
    Hahhh, and, you can NEVER have too many guitars:)

  4. Oh, Donna, I think you should stimulate the economy with a Gringo purchase. Think of it as your patriotic duty. And Heather, I do love the look of boots with cutoffs, but I have not yet done it myself. Still looking for the right clothing combination… but here’s to trying, right? 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to get a pair! Been looking around. Where is the closest place to try on some good ones? I may have to make that into a weekend trip!

  6. Carrie, I stopped into the little shop on 331 (on the left, just on the other side of the bay as you’re heading to Destin) and the woman there told me that there is a store in Panama City that carries Old Gringos. Haven’t yet figured it out, but I’ll see what I can find. Internet is probably the best place to find a good selection…

  7. Came back to read this once again. Owning and wearing a pair of cowboy boots puts some extra swagger in you. Wearing boots “feels” different and gives a confidence not found in heels or flats. Thank you for showing me the light.

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